Quality, Security and Delivery F.A.Q.

How do I know my payment information is safe?  All payments are securely handled by our trusted payment partner Paypal.  Soundwise Records does not see or store your personal information at any time, we simply provide access to your digital content upon payment completion.

Are these high quality music files?  All downloads are 320K ultra high quality MP3 files.  They are compatible with iTunes, PC, Mac, linux, iPhone and Android devices including computers, tablets, phones, media players, most newer car audio systems that support MP3 media.  They are CD quality and may be burned to CD as well on your computer if you have a program that does that. All of the meta information including track names, titles, albums, track numbers and composers are  in the files so they are immediately handled by your software, just as if you had purchased them through iTunes, Amazon or other digital sources.

Can I play these on my iPod or smartphone?   Yes.  If your smartphone has a music player these will probably work just fine.  You can probably even purchase and download them directly from and to your phone.  We have successfully tested this on several models and it works perfectly.

What if my downloads are interrupted before I complete them?  Files may be downloaded up to three times before your download links expire. Additionally, when you purchase with your valid e-mail address, we send a confirmation e-mail with your download links.

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  1. Kerry Shrode says:

    Thank you so much for such an easy way to download your wonderful music. I sincerely look forward to your electric classical album, and seeing you again in concert. Blessings

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